pro agro is the association for promoting rural development in the Brandenburg-Berlin region. It has committed itself to support the agricultural and nutritional industries, agri- and ‘green’ tourism, since 1992. The association sees its main objectives in:

  • the networking of agri-food industry businesses and institutions, and the marketing of regional products from Brandenburg and the region around the capital
  • the qualification and marketing of agri-tourism and nature tourism attractions in the rural area.

The association’s members are businesses, organisations, and institutions involved in agricultural and eco-tourism, among them rural inns and horse ranches, and agricultural and nutrition industry organisations including the direct marketing business.

pro agro represents the general interest of all the players in the countryside rea of the Brandenburg-Berlin region.

The association’s mission statement

pro agro‘s activities are centred around people, their products, and preserving the countryside, nature, and culture of the rural Brandenburg-Berlin region. Its sees its most important function as representing these to the outside world, marketing these treasures, and preserving them for future generations.

pro agro links the diversity of the agricultural and food industries with agri- and eco-tourism, and acts as an associate of all the businesses and associations who supply products and services that are typical for the countryside area of Brandenburg-Berlin.

pro agro promotes sustainable economy in the interests of nature, the environment and the rural population of Brandenburg-Berlin.

Guiding principles

We are committed to regional products from Brandenburg, their marketing, and their appreciation

pro agro is the association that represents and networks businesses in the agricultural and nutritional sectors, direct marketing, and ecological tourism, with the aim of creating added value for all and any of them.

We are committed to sustainable development

Sustainable and high-quality development of the countryside area in cooperation with the association’s members and other players are the fundamental values on which pro agro‘s marketing strategy is based.

We encourage and support businesses in rural areas

pro agro performs a variety of functions in supporting businesses in the rural economy of Brandenburg-Berlin. They include networking, product development, marketing, training courses, information events, public relations, and lobbying. pro agro guides businesses in their strategic development and assists them in enhancing their market profiles.

We are a successful network

pro agro is unique in having a wide-ranging network that connects people, associations, and businesses in the rural area of Brandenburg-Berlin, all of whom are involved in increasing the appreciation of agri-food industry products, countryside and green tourism, and are connected with the culture of the Brandenburg region.

We offer quality

As the owner of the “natürlich Brandenburg” (Brandenburg naturally) and “VON HIER” (from here) regional brands, pro agro assures consistently high levels of quality and care in the production processes. The quality label “Qualitätserzeugnis – pro agro geprüft” (High quality product – tested by pro agro) creates trust in regional fruit and vegetable products, as does the “gebietsheimische Gehölze” (native woods) label.

The association’s responsibilities

  • Representing members’ interests
  • Supporting all the countryside area’s actors in the production, marketing, and sale of the agri-food industry’s products and services, as well as rural and green tourism
  • Maintaining competitiveness and market access
  • Encouraging regional marketing by developing cooperation between the regional agricultural and nutritional industry, direct marketing, suppliers of tourism services, restaurateurs and other businesses
  • Producing development concepts for the use of all the region’s potentials
  • Qualifying businesses to present themselves commercially and market their products and services effectively

Methods for achieving the association’s targets and meeting its responsibilities

  • Organising and carrying out trade fairs, exhibitions and markets to show the networking in the countryside area and to market countryside tourism, and the products of the agricultural and food industry
  • Participating in international industrial exhibitions and public fairs to access new markets and distribution channels
  • Supporting small and medium-size businesses without research potentials of their own in developing their products
  • Supporting the marketing and visibility of high-quality production establishments by creating their own pro agro quality schemes
  • Organising and imparting professional training and courses on current marketing or product development topics
  • Producing catalogues “Landurlaub in Brandenburg” (country holidays in Brandenburg) and “Pferdeland Brandenburg” (Brandenburg horse country) to advertise the wide range of agri- and eco-tourism products and services.
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