Sales promotion

In order to increase the recognition and sales of regional products from Brandenburg the pro agro association conducts a wide variety of sales promotion activities.

All the association’s sales promotion activities are intended to facilitate market access and ensure competitiveness of the regional agri-food businesses.

  • We initiate contact with food and delicacy retailers and wholesalers to facilitate the market entry of Brandenburg’s makers of regional products. We organise tours with retailers and wholesalers to acquaint traders with you and your products, in one-on-one meetings, during the International Grüne Woche trade fair and exhibition, or within the scope of product exchanges, to name just a few examples, and we support a wider scale of cooperation.
  • We organise events known as “Brandenburg Weeks” with leaflet advertising, special placements and tastings in major food retail outlets.
  • We place joint advertisements in special supplements of the industry-relevant trade press such as Lebensmittel Zeitung, LEBENSMITTEL PRAXIS, or RUNDSCHAU food industry magazine, at reduced rates that we are happy to pass on to our members.
  • We publish a monthly newsletter with information about the industry, with offers from, and requests to, the Brandenburg/Berlin food industry. We publish the “pro agro-Newsletter Ernährungswirtschaft” (pro agro agri-food industry newsletter) to divulge information to businesses, regional initiatives, regional agri-food industry associations, and representatives of the food trade, the catering industry, tourism, the media, politics, agricultural marketing associations, and the food networks of other states as well as national industrial associations and their partners.
  • We organise regular themed meetings (“Stammtische”) for business people, where experience can be exchanged and demand assessed. Further, pro agro is developing a range of workshops and information events to pass on the latest industrial and technical trends in the fields of business management, product development, marketing, and distribution.
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