VONHIER_aufweißemUntergrund“VON HIER” is the trademark that designates organically and conventionally grown products alike, which all come “from here”, that is, grown or made in the Brandenburg and Berlin region. The project is an initiative of producers, food retailers, and social stakeholders (including Berlin 21, Brandenburg 21, and pro agro), to give products from Brandenburg and Berlin a regional identity, and market them with a common trademark. All participants have signed agreements in which they commit themselves to meeting a number of social, commercial, and product criteria that contribute to enabling sustainable wealth creation in the rural area while supplying consumers with high-quality products, including organic products, from Brandenburg and Berlin.

With growing enthusiasm
Some 50 products from 10 businesses were being sold in more than 150 supermarkets as the trademark was launched on 2 October 2007. Now 25 small agri-food businesses are marketing around 70 products – tinned sausages and vegetables, juices, and spirit drinks, as well as a variety of pasta products, fresh produce such as eggs, onions, milk, cheese, and potatoes in all of Kaiser’s supermarkets, in Ullrich supermarkets, and in REWE and SELGROS outlets in Berlin and the surrounding region. About 35 % of the products being marketed have been produced under organic farming rules. Products are being continuously presented with tasting in the supermarkets and at the points of sale so that consumers realise the advantages of regional products, their freshness, their low food miles, and how they secure jobs in the rural area.

Excellent teamwork
Frucht-Express GmbH is responsible for the logistics and business management of the project. BBM Brandenburg + Berlin GmbH, which was specifically established for the purpose, sees to the marketing of the project, and manages the NUR HIER trademark under licence from pro agro. The trademark is owned by pro agro, Verband zur Förderung des ländlichen Raumes in der Region Brandenburg-Berlin e.V., which as the central player networks the project’s social and industrial partners. The objective of the VON HIER project is to make a lasting contribution to sustainable development in the Brandenburg-Berlin region.

Quality and origin are decisive
Only participants and products who meet the rigorous standards of this joint project can be included in the VON HIER regional trademark programme.

The product criteria
All unprocessed products are sourced from communities in the Brandenburg-Berlin region.The raw materials of processed products are also sourced from the region – insofar this is technically feasible, though at least 70 % by weight.Pesticides are only used by recommendation and/or approval of the Office for Consumer Protection.

The producer criteria
They must be based in Brandenburg or Berlin.They must contribute to advancing the partnership between the region’s producers and its consumers in order to support the development of a combined trademark and quality system.They do not make or process anywhere in their operations any products that contain, or are produced from, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in quantities that require labelling.

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