QS-System (Quality assurance system)

QS_Pruef_Verlauf_4c_DEUThe QS (Quality & Safety) system is a comprehensive quality assurance scheme for meat, meat products, fruit, vegetables, and ware potatoes organised by the private sector. Nationally and internationally, it is an extremely important and well established system in the agriculture, production and marketing sectors.

Currently the system has over 130,000 participating operations which ensure continuous quality assurance in, for example, the area of meat production: from the animal feedingstuff industry, through the farming stage including the processes of slaughter, separation, and processing, to the retailers‘ counters.
Farming operations cannot register their participation directly with QS GmbH, but only through a coordinating organisation.
The association pro agro has been an authorised coordinator in the QS quality assurance system since 2002. Animal production, animal transport, and arable farming businesses can join QS through pro agro.

In its capacity as a QS coordinator pro agro provides the following services:

  • Accepting applications and registering agricultural businesses in the QS database
  • Coordinating the neutral QS inspections and contacts with the inspection institutions
  • Transmitting the results of inspections and QS authorisations to farms
  • Supporting and advising businesses during the QS salmonella monitoring process
  • Organising QS feedingstuff monitoring
  • Providing all the information and organisation documents needed
  • Informing participants of current developments, any changes, and agricultural topics of relevance for the QS system

This means that pro agro – the coordinator – is your point of contact and system partner for any matters concerning the QS system.

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