pro agro Quality Programmes

The pro agro agricultural marketing association’s objective is to give rural businesses an opportunity to identify their products, where they have been made to a particularly high standard, with a specific trademark. The intended purpose of this label is to give producers more market access, better market placement, and/or increase the demand for their products.

At present pro agro e.V. awards two quality seals.

They allow the certification of fruit and vegetables (including sea buckthorn), and of regional tree crops.

The Fruit and Vegetables Quality Programme

The pro agro association awards the “Qualitätserzeugnis – pro agro – geprüft – Aus kontrolliertem Anbau” (High quality product – pro agro – tested – grown under inspection) quality seal to fruit and vegetables grown in the region from controlled cultivation. QZ-Kontr-Anbau-neutral

The quality seal is awarded to businesses and producer organisations for those products whose production is subject to additional external monitoring and self-monitoring.

The quality seal helps in the presentation of high-quality products that are the result of successful monitoring of the production process and operation. This creates trust in the products while at the same time increasing consumer loyalty.

The quality seal is a protected trademark, and is only awarded by its owner, the pro agro association.

The Regional Tree Crops Quality Programme

Pursuant to Section 40 (4) item 4 of the Brandenburg Nature Conservation Act (BnatSchG), from 1st March 2020 there will no longer be a provision for planting saplings or sowing seed from a different habitat. This ends the ten-year transitional period, following which a specific approval would be required.

Logo-gebietsheimisches-GehoelzAn appropriate certificate confirming the regional origin of the tree crops will then be necessary. However, many buyers already pay attention to the certification of newly planted crops.

The pro agro association has provided a quality programme that certifies the local origin of tree crops, which permits the labelling of saplings of specified and guaranteed local provenances in order to increase customers’ long-term trust and loyalty.

The 12 years in which pro agro has already gained experience in the area of certification have shown that the approach to transparency that plays such an important role in the pro agro quality programme, represents a very important argument for many customers.

The quality seal confirms a production method that has been transparently documented for all those tree crops of proven regional origin that do not come within the scope of the Forest Reproductive Material Act (FoVG) of 22nd May 2002. By introducing exact recording, the entire tree nursery production process from seed production, through cultivation, to the marketing of the crops, is documented and traceable.

The pro agro quality programme for regional tree crops is a toolkit that makes it possible to implement the requirements concerning genetic diversity and the cultivation of non-native plants in the wild as formulated in the Federal Nature Conservation Act.

The quality programme’s quality and inspection criteria support the legal guidelines and create the preconditions for the tree nursery industry to make a sustainable contribution to preserving the genetic diversity of regional tree crops and protecting nature and the environment.

The pro agro association has protected the quality seal as its trademark.

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