“Natürlich Brandenburg”

2016-natuerlich-Brandenburg-ProduktmarkeWhenever a company labels its products with pro agro’s trademark “natürlich Brandenburg” it makes a commitment to the land of Brandenburg.

When consumers or guests buy “natürlich Brandenburg” brand products they can be certain that what they are buying are goods or services that come from Brandenburg, that create jobs in the region, that have been produced or processed in keeping with strictly monitored rules, and that they as consumers are giving vital support to small and medium enterprises in Brandenburg.
Consumers want authentic products which they can trust, and which contribute to a sustainable economy. When buying, consumers want to acquire something special, some product of high quality.
In order to take up what is a general trend favouring products of a certain regional origin, these products need to be clearly identifiable as such.
Consumers’ positive mental associations with the “natürlich Brandenburg” trademark makes it very well suited as a label for Brandenburg businesses and their products.
Individual businesses, as members of a larger group all using the same trademark in their marketing, are able to make a clear statement about the place where their products are made and sourced. The more businesses that use the trademark, the more effectively the regional concept will be conveyed to consumers. Using the trademark is at the same time publicity for the idea behind it.

The pro agro association began the development of a collective trademark for agricultural products coming from the state of Brandenburg in 1994, in order to give small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, an enhanced opportunity to present their regional production.
The “natürlich Brandenburg” trademark was launched in 1995 as pro agro’s umbrella brand.

A further development step of the trademark resulted in new rules for its use as the “natürlich Brandenburg” product distinction; this step involved transferring the philosophy behind the trademark to the sphere of marketing agri-food industry products and tourism in Brandenburg.
Today, consumers associate the “natürlich Brandenburg” trademark with Brandenburg’s natural landscapes as well as it being only “natural” that a certain product comes from Brandenburg. This strategy is particularly aimed at the emotional attachment of Brandenburg’s consumers with their home state and the region’s products as well as the traditional loyalty that Berliners’ maintain for the surrounding region.

natürlich Brandenburg” is the trademark that all Brandenburg’s agri-food industry, market gardens, rural tourism businesses, and renewable energy enterprises can use to profile themselves in the marketplace.

The trademark has been registered under number 2024985 in the German Patent Office’s trademark register, and is assigned to businesses that apply to use it.

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