Quality and Trademarks

Product quality testing gives consumers confidence, and helps producers and suppliers to sell their goods and services. This is the reason why the pro agro association offers its registered members as well as other businesses, producer associations and federations a range of quality programmes and seals to identify the high quality of their products.

The seals of approval are awarded on the basis of the currently valid guideline for the award and use of the quality seal, drawn up and adopted by pro agro in collaboration with a number of organisations and institutions. Testing regulations appropriate for the various products have been specified, and are monitored according to defined criteria by independent testing facilities.

The pro agro association, as a coordinator for agricultural and meat producing farms, also supports the implementation of the national QS systems of QS GmbH, Bonn, Germany.

You will find more information on the following pages under the headers Quality programmes, QS system, Animal wellbeing initiative, “Von Hier“ or “natürlich Brandenburg“.

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