Industries partners

The association pro agro is continuously exchanging information, knowledge, and experience with the relevant agri-food industry, rural tourism, and regional organisations and associations in Brandenburg, as well as with nation-wide sector organisations and initiatives, forming a broad basis for networking and cooperation.

Networking and cooperation with associations and organisations representing, or involved in, the Brandenburg agri-food industry

  • Bäcker- und Konditorenlandesverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
  • Brandenburger Landfrauenverband e.V.
  • The Brandenburg food industry cluster
  • Deutscher Bauernverband e. V.
  • Fleischerverband Berlin- Brandenburg e.V.
  • FÖL Fördergemeinschaft Ökologischer Landbau Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
  • Gartenbauverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
  • Geflügelwirtschaftsverband Brandenburg e.V.
  • Hybridschweinezuchtverband Nord/Ost e.V.
  • Landesbauernverband Brandenburg e.V.
  • Landesjagdverband Brandenburg e.V.
  • Landeskontrollverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
  • Landesverband Brandenburgischer Imker e.V.
  • Regional initiatives and trademarks in Brandenburg (including the Spreewald, Uckermark, and Fläming regions)
  • Rinderzuchtverband Berlin-Brandenburg (RZB) eG
  • etc.

Networking and cooperation with rural tourism associations and organisations

  • DEHOGA- Deutscher Hotel- und Gaststättenverband Brandenburg e.V.
  • IHK- the Potsdam Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Landestourismusverband Brandenburg e.V.
  • Landesverband Pferdesport e.V.
  • TMB Tourismusmarketing Brandenburg GmbH
  • The Brandenburg Academy of Tourism
  • Tourismusverein Oranienburg und Umland e.V.

Sectorial networking and cooperation with state-wide associations and organisations

  • The State of Brandenburg Ministry of Rural Development, Environment, and Agriculture
  • The State of Brandenburg Ministry of Economics and Energy
  • The Berlin Senate Office for Justice and Consumer Protection
  • The European Affairs, Development Policy, and Consumer Protection Committee
  • The Rural Development, Environment, and Agriculture Committee of the Brandenburg State Parliament
  • Brandenburg District Assembly Committees
  • Brandenburg Regional Economic Support Associations
  • The State Working Committee of the State of Brandenburg Chambers of Industry and Commerce
  • Brandenburg Association of Towns and Municipalities
  • Handelsverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
  • SIBB e.V. – The Berlin and Brandenburg Information Technology and Internet Business Association
  • etc.

Networking and cooperation with national industry initiatives

  • Bundesverband der Regionalbewegung (The German Regional Movement Association)
  • German Agricultural Society (DLG)
  • German Rural Regions Networking Agency/DVS) with the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE)
  • Food – Made in Germany e.V. (member)
  • The “Shopping on the Farm” Support Association
  • Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Tierwohls in der Nutztierhaltung mbH (the Livestock Farming Animal Welfare Support Association)
  • QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH (acting as coordinator)
  • The Rural Development Future Forum in the context of the International Grüne Woche (IGW)
  • etc.

In addition, pro agro takes part in the German states’ product and food marketing annual information exchange, and it also maintains regular contact with a large number of agricultural marketing associations/organisations and/or food networks and clusters of the various German federal states.

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