Decelerate in the Tuscany of the North

The extensive Uckermark is formed by terminal moraines that are covered in restful green, many of their hollows occupied by clear lakes. Although it is the largest of all Germany’s districts, it is also one of the least densely populated. Some call this region the Tuscany of the North. The most valued landscapes are protected in the Lower Oder Valley National Park, the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve, and the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park. Scattered in between there are small towns and intact villages with a culture that dates back hundreds of years. Discovering Uckermark means getting off your bicycle and jumping into a lake, going on a deceleration tour with a donkey, or moving through the wilderness in a canoe. The NaturTherme in Templin has salt water spas, sauna landscapes, and themed parks that promise relaxation for mind and body. Excitement seekers are drawn to the nearby Wild West city of Eldorado. Visitors can gaze down on Prenzlau’s medieval buildings and the Ucker lakes from the tower of the gothic Sankt Marienkirche. During the summer culture festival actors, jugglers, and musicians welcome audiences in the garden of the Dominican Monastery, while large numbers of visitors savour the special atmosphere and unique acoustics of the venue. In Lychen there is a rafters’ museum and the annual Rafters’ Festival to keep alive the rafting traditions that go back many centuries.

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