Lower Lusatia – Lusatian Lake District

From coalfield to leisure paradise

Europe’s largest lake district is coming into being where gigantic excavators once used to tear into the soil. In the Lusatian Lake District, which stretches past the border of Brandenburg into Saxony, former opencast lignite mines are now being flooded; some are linked by navigable canals. Step by step the region is changing into a new paradise for leisure and water sports. The transformation can already be seen on Lake Senftenberg or Lake Geierswalde, where new marinas invite yachts, boats and windsurfers sail the waters, and in summer bathers flock to the beaches. On the Energy Route visitors are not limited to merely viewing industrial monuments, but are able to experience at close quarters the South Welzow opencast mine still in operation. A more delicate sight is the summer blossoming of thousands of roses in the Eastern German Rose Garden in Forst, Lusatia; this park, embellished with romantic fountains and sculpture, and laid out in 1913, is one of the state’s biggest attractions. Tourists with a sweet tooth find themselves drawn to Hornow-Wadelsdorf, where they are not restricted to sampling hand-made chocolates in Confiserie Felicitas’ SchokoLadenLand, but are invited to produce and decorate chocolates themselves. Wine lovers will find a visit to Grano, where the local vintners’ association has revived the old traditions, well worthwhile; just enjoy the local wine tastings to see for yourself how good these products have become.

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