The Elbe-Elster area

Experience nature’s coloured beauty

Purple heather reaching to the horizon, blowing in the summer’s breeze: when the heather blossoms, the Lower Lusatian moor shows itself from its most seductive side. In contrast, the enormous steel structures of the F60 exhibition mine in Lichterfeld and the history of lignite mining make a very different impression on the visitor. Nature and industrial culture are inextricably melded in the Elbe-Elster area, allowing visitors to explore the historic traces of industry on foot or bicycle. In the area around the Wanninchen Natur-Erlebniszentrum (nature adventure centre) in the Lower Lusatian Ridge Nature Park visitors can see the transformation of what was, until recently, a landscape of opencast mines being transformed into a natural paradise. The autumn bird migration there is an amazing experience. The 65 kilometres of the Apfelroute (apple route), combined with a guided tour of the Döllingen Pomological Gardens are a pleasure for all the senses. A new multimedia exhibition in the recently-renovated Mühlberg Cistercian convent offers visitors memories of the most important battles of the Middle Ages. The Doberlug Renaissance Palace, now in its restored glory, has been the home of the Brandenburg State Exhibition since 2014. Finsterwalde and its charming old city is worth a visit at any time, not only during the biennial choir festival.

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