Dahme Lake Region

A water paradise with a South Sea feeling

The Dahme Lake Region’s seventy clear lakes, which are all connected by rivers, streams and canals, make the area a paradise for water-lovers. In the 19th Century the novelist and poet Theodor Fontane sailed his boat, the Sphinx through pine forests and sandy valley areas. Nowadays canoeists and kayakers can paddle the length of the Dahme from Märkisch Bucholz to Köpenick in Berlin. Cyclists set out on the circuit of the Ten Lakes Tour in Königs Wusterhausen, where Friederich Wilhelm I once drilled the Lang Kerls, his Giant Guard, whose successors still appear at special events. Here is the palace, where the king’s famous Tabakkollegium would meet. Technology fans are drawn to the Funkerberg radio hill, where broadcasting in Germany began, and its museum which tells that story. There is a definite South Sea feeling in the giant dome near the tiny village of Brand, that has become a landmark in the south of Brandenburg. The Tropical Islands bathing paradisestructure under the world’s largest unsupported roof has rain forests, lagoons, beaches of fine sand, and east Asian buildings, as well as all kinds of attractions like high-speed water slides, or Europe’s biggest sauna landscape. And whoever wants to see how cheese, butter, and milk are produced can find out how when they visit the Gläsernen Molkerei (transparent dairy) in Münchehofe iin the Dame Lake Region nature park.

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