The Barnim Region

A natural paradise just outside Berlin

“The place we’re sitting in is a magic place, after all, we’re sitting on the shore of the Werbellinsee lake”, rhapsodised Theodor Fontane many years ago. Schörfheide in the Barnim Region and its sunsets has remained to be a place of magic, right through to the present. The forest area is part of the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve. There are dozens of legends about the White Lady who emerges from the Werbellinsee lake every year to seize a male victim. The landscape of the Barnim Nature Park, shaped by the ice age, begins where the outskirts of Berlin leave off. The Barnim Panorama is built on the shore of the Wandlitzer See lake so that visitors can learn about the region’s cultural and natural treasures. The Finow Canal with its manually-operated locks offers canoeists and kayakers the opportunity for nature adventure holidays just outside Berlin. Since 1934 the Niederfinow Boat Lift has been moving large excursion boats and barges up and down as if by magic, needing only five minutes to raise a vessel 36 metres. The ancient walls of the Cistercian Chorin Abbey make an enchanting setting for concerts. Only a short distance away is the Ökodorf Brodowin eco-village, a rural idyll next to the Parsteiner See lake, where visitors can enjoy high quality organic products, or load up with them for their trip, in the farm shop.

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