Rural vacations in Brandenburg

neu_Gänse_IMG_1256“Landurlaub Brandenburg” (Brandenburg rural vacation) does not mean a particular kind of accommodation – it rather stands for tourism and leisure anywhere in rural Brandenburg, and for its best-known variant – farm holidays.
The information includes a wide range of attractive holiday offers with a focus on eco-adventure and active holidays (walking, cycling, angling, boating etc.), slow holidays, and health-and-wellness tourism, too.
Direct marketing and catering industry links give guests and customers more help when they are choosing where to stay in Brandenburg.

The following print media at pro agro Printmedien are about rural holidays in Brandenburg:

  • The “Landurlaub Brandenburg, Ferien, Freizeit und Einkaufen beim Bauern” (Brandenburg rural vacation, farm holidays, leisure and shopping) catalogue
  • The “Pferdeland Brandenburg – Grenzenlos reiten” (Equestrian Brandenburg – riding unlimited) catalogue
  • The “Ausflugsplaner Herbst und Winter” (Autumn and winter excursion planner) booklets
  • The “Brandenburger Landpartie” (Rural excursions in Brandenburg) map and booklet

Websites for guests and hosts offering rural tourism:

Pferdeland Brandenburg
Landurlaub Brandenburg
Brandenburger Landpartie
Bauer sucht Koch