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Watching wildlife in the Glauer Tal Natur Park Zentrum, Nuthe-Nieplitz Nature Park

As the home of a large number of nature parks, biosphere reserves, and a national park, Brandenburg is held to be a prime nature-based tourism region. Brandenburg has 15 large conservation areas with their dedicated visitors’ centres that function as gateways where both holiday-makers and day-trippers find a wealth of information, suggestions for excursions, guided tours, and exhibitions to help them experience nature to the full. Also, these centres play a significant part in triggering economic growth in their respective regions.

The Brandenburger Naturlandschaften visitors’ centres and the pro agro e.V. association have joined forces to set up the (“nature spectacle“) network to combine their marketing and public relations efforts, and implement a training programme for visitor centre staff, the aim being to increase the number of visitors and sales in the centres, thus contributing to the creation of wealth in the region.

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