Brandenburg rural outings

27th Brandenburger Landpartie, 11th and 12th June 2022

Every year the “Brandenburger Landpartie” Rural Excursion, hosted by more than 150 local farms and businesses, gives townspeople and others who are not so familiar with life and work in the country, an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes.

This is important, because as fewer and fewer people are directly involved in the production of food, the Landpartie creates a bridge between producers and consumers, and facilitates dialogue between them right there where agriculture actually happens.

It is something that cannot be taken for granted in the age of supermarkets and discount stores. The changes in life and work in the country can most clearly shown where milk, meat, vegetables, and grains are being produced. The Rural Excursion gives participants the opportunity of viewing modern livestock facilities, historic agricultural machinery, large village festivals, and smaller association shows, of joining bicycle parties, or tours by tractor.

In addition to the more traditional, conventional agricultural establishments, a growing number of organic farming operations also participate in the Brandenburger Landpartie, as do horse ranches, forestry and horticultural operations, and rural cultural institutions from all parts of Brandenburg.


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